Residential Wing

The restoration of the Residential Wing involved the most elaborate part of the work. In addition to the exterior restoration needed so urgently, the historical interior rooms had to be remediated as well – with all their mural paintings, panellings, floors and opulent ceilings. The similarly lavish work required on the Niebelung Room, the Library and the Billiard Room was completed in 2007. In April 2009, the private apartment (with bedroom, bathroom and breakfast salon) and the Music Hall were also opened. And as of July 2009, the guest-of-honour suite with its two bedrooms and sitting room affords a wonderfully authentic look into the haute-bourgeois domestic culture of the Wilhelmine Era. These private rooms, by the way, can be viewed as part of the public guided tour.

The final building phase was given over to the restoration of the Dining Hall, the Hunting Trophy & Breakfast Room and the Main Staircase. These sections of the castle have been opened to the public since 2010.