Terrace Wall

When the restoration work on the castle began in 1995, the foundations and the perimeter terrace took up most of the engineers' attention. About 240 metres long and at the base more than two metres in width, the massive terrace wall is built of quarry stone with a natural-stone face. However, due to the previous lack of maintenance and adverse weather, the wall had become so brittle that it was threatening in parts to collapse. In fact, preliminary investigations revealed that the natural stone ashlars, trachyte from the adjacent Wolkenburg, had almost completely detached itself from the quarry stone. And so, in the course of the urgently required repair work, the loose quarry-stone rock was mortared and stabilised before an anchoring concrete shell was installed. The shell was then lined with natural-stone ashlars reconstructed in close detail in order to return the terrace wall to its original look. For that lining, trachyte stone was brought in especially from the Westerwald district, since the Siebengebirge quarries excavated at the time had ceased operation long ago and now lie in a nature conservation area. The stones originally used for the top of the wall were re-used.