The Chronology of Restoration

A comprehensive survey conducted in 1994 formed the basis of the restoration work which, it was estimated, would take twelve years to complete. In the course of that review process, it was found necessary to produce hundreds of true-to-detail plans anew since the drawings and documents from the original time of construction could not be located.

The primary aim was to preserve any existing substance and prevent further dilapidation. All the supply and waste disposal lines had to be replaced as water, electricity, gas, telecom and sewage systems were re-installed. Every square metre in the spacious park grounds was examined and any stones bearing witness to the original masonry were secured and reworked. Access roads for construction traffic, the fire service and storage points had to be laid while old pathways had to be made negotiable again. At the same time, the 1.6 km long castle walls had to be rehabilitated, of which one third has been completed in the mean time – partly within the framework of a successful job creation scheme.