1931 – Christian Boys' Boarding School/Chapel in the Art Gallery

For the Order of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Schloss Drachenburg was a perfect place to work educationally. Relatively cut off from the rest of the world, the Brothers opened a boys' boarding school known as St Michael's. Any figures on the property considered lewd – such as Venus on the eponymous terrace or the bacchantes in the tavern room – were either removed or covered up . Indeed, the Brothers transformed the former tavern into a sacristy and used the neo-Gothic Art Gallery as a chapel. Classrooms were accommodated in the castle building with dormitories for the pupils set up in the partly rebuilt block houses. Thus it was that, despite the tensions of the time, Schloss Drachenburg offered its inhabitants an almost idyllic living situation. In 1938, however, under increasing pressure from the National Socialists, St Michael's Boarding School for Boys had to close its doors.