1903 – Schloss Drachenburg as a Summer Resort

As a child, Jakob Biesenbach had experienced the foundation stone ceremony and lived in the nearby Hirschburg Castle for some time. A lawyer by profession, he decided that Schloss Drachenburg should now be developed as a tourist attraction and had the medieval Burghof (a castle farm which was then part of the overall property) demolished, replacing it in 1904 with a hotel built in the "Swiss style". In addition, Biesenbach also built some Nordic Summer Houses in the park for use as exclusive holiday apartments. Newly planted pine trees and a wildlife enclosure made for a suitably atmospheric backdrop. For its part, Schloss Drachenburg was transformed into a kind of community centre for the better-off: there was a restaurant in the basement; art objects were sold in the art gallery; and further rooms in the castle could be inspected for a small fee. Several series of postcards were on sale as souvenirs depicting interior and exterior views as well as mural painting details.