Hunting Trophy and Breakfast Room

The Hunting Trophy and Breakfast Room, as it is called, once served as a dining room on a daily basis. But outside meal times, it was also used as an ante-chamber and waiting room. An inventory taken in 1912 for the “Hunt Room” listed the following items of furnishing.

3 oak sideboards
1 bench sofa
1 table
3 armchairs
4 chairs
1 chandelier

The engravings here, reproductions of the paintings at Schloss Drachenburg, have been adapted from various publications of the later 19th century. Even in those days, the large-scale wall and ceiling paintings of Schloss Drachenburg were coming in for much praise. Published and documented in daily newspapers, trade journals and works of art history, they achieved a great deal of recognition in their time. Reproduction prints in the form of magazine supplements found their way into many households.

Moreover, it was also possible to order prints from the catalogues of the then major publishing houses. In this way, in keeping with the idea of “art for all”, remote objêts d‘art could be brought into private households to be noticed, admired and, not least, to provide a piece of cosy interior decoration at an affordable price, you might say.